May 2018

humanity fall from Grace, end is Gods plan. sin to high

Isn't life more important than economy? How about a whole considered ; and not just one member of it's form. Hope was lost before I was born!! I have no reason to be fighting as I among our Eldership; whom known error was of history's forecast to rainfall a consistent force of uncharted areas.... The bill for Gay marriage, was the Clinton signing; but you pass the bill unto the floor. Now with all the "my President is blk" only fooled men and women whom had hope in heart , was a true change in the hearts of men!! As seen all of this was political acts... Whichsoever side one chosen; Gods word speaks as how sinful this system has come corrupt!!! Lord our God had a son who did no sin, and as of today. Picking up my crois and walking with it no matter what. This world will kill me, if see fit too!

We will die, and the blood of the lands will be on the hands of elected people. Men and women of Satan's army of trained killer's; whom the Government wants people to honor murder's!!!!! That is vain! Titles of this world have became so contrary to Gods will, the wrath and the permission has no limits. Due to sin has reached to the clouds above!!!!

People setting trends to be seen, heard, challenged, to denounce one who's not able or worthy to be of how people chose friend's....

How churches have cast shade all over the earth, his the women are the serpentine, how men harken to her; not God!!! How she wrote most of history, hidden from the truth as if man had done so. Yes by this vain contributed; puts all in condemnation or contrary to the will of God!!!

So very few; amounts to higher rates of persecution worldwide!!!

With the Government taking sides for a female more than a male. The creation of a fallen from Grace, by mercy is the saved.....

Need a serious reform to show Lord God our hearts!! But with the Antichrist cells masses far near wide and strong. If the True Word of God followers don't come to one Accordance; we failed to stand on the word of God.

Ghosts and wormholes

Could there be a connection?

This weekend I found myself talking about ghosts with a friend (the topic came up in our discussion of Art Bell, RIP). I have been hearing murmurings recently about a new theory of the paranormal, which is as intriguing as it is unproveable.

Focus on a major US trafficking area,

Barak Obama:
Many of us miss your excellent leadership and trustworthiness.
As I have suggested by email to CA Governor Jerry Brown, the San Diego Tribune this morning acknowledged what I have theorized. Now we know that the immigrant caravan-children torn from their families have been subjected to harassment, threats, sexual bullying, and more by those charged with their care--Ice, Border Patrol? Does that inhumane treatment include sexually trafficking those kids out, on one of the world's major trafficking borders (San Diego-Tijuana)? Are some of them headed for or already in south-of-the-border cartel harems? Is some of the profit flowing into our current "president's" bottomless pockets? Are some of the mysteriously missing children flowing to him?
Sir, as I repeatedly say to people, if you want Obana back, elect Michelle for President 2020. Or sooner.
Chris S


Get F%$#@ed Putin

The FBI has seized control over a RUSSIAN BOTNET, which includes half a million hacked routers. The FBI is going after a "VPN Filter" - malware that is linked to "Fancy Bear", who allegedy took part in the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign hacks in 2016. The FBI, comprised of American heros, is collecting the Internet IP addresses of every compromised router to help clean up the Global infection.