October 2018

Frankenstein Popsicle Sticks

Halloween is almost here, so if you're spending your time costuming you probably don't have a lot of time for new crafts. This simple, quick craft activity from Artsy Momma is an easy yet cute boredom buster you can break out for kids who need to make a Halloween thank-you gift for teachers, want to decorate and paint while you're busy or otherwise just want to craft! All you really need are craft sticks, glue and paint, although you can embellish with googly eyes and whatever you have on hand. 

Nuclear Weapons 359 - U.K. Seeking New Radiological Detection Systems

       Concern about the use of radioactive materials for nuclear bombs or dirty bombs has caused nations who fear they may be targets to take steps to prevent the smuggling of radioactive materials across their borders. The United Kingdom is spending funds to enhance their ability to detect radioactive materials inside the U.K.

The Perfect Manhattan

All too often, the recipe for a beloved drink just doesn't do it justice. Maybe the restaurant where you have the drink has better top shelf liquor than you have at home, or maybe the ingredients are swayed just a teeny bit toward the secretive realm where you just can't make out what that lovely flavor is. That's what's so great about A Beautiful Mess: those stylish entrepreneurs know how to make a cocktail and they 're frequently sharing their secrets with us!


How are you doing since you left office? How did you get so wealthy after your tenure, I know you did not save it, we did not pay you that much. And don’t say the stock market, it really sucked under your leadership. And tell Michael he can stop playing dress up, now that you are no longer the pres, no one cares if you like it bent over, you probably like your men a little more masculine anyway. Don’t worry, when you are in gitmo, you will be getting it regularly. Good luck, and enjoy your life.

Radioactive Waste 355 - New Laser Technique May Be Able To Reduce Radioactivity Of Spent Nuclear Fuel.

       I have often blogged about the problem of nuclear waste disposal. In the U.S. alone there are over a hundred million pounds of spent nuclear fuel accumulating at nuclear power plants, but we have no permanent underground repository for spent nuclear fuel. The soonest we will have such a repository is 2050.

Using Mirrors In Orbit To Illuminate The Earth's Surface

        A solar mirror is an object with a reflective surface that is used to reflect the light of the Sun. Solar mirrors have many uses such as concentrating solar radiation for heating or the generation of electricity. When placed in orbit around the Earth, solar mirrors are referred to as Space Reflectors (SR) and could provide illumination at night for a specific area.

Nuclear Reactors 627 - Bellefonte Nuclear Generation Station in Alabama May Never Produce Electricity

       Construction began on the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Generating Station in Hollywood, Alabama in 1975. The site was owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Two reactors were originally planned for the site. Eighty eight percent of reactor 1 construction was accomplished, and fifty eight percent of reactor 2 construction was accomplished with the TVA investing over six billion dollars.