April 2019

Radioactive Waste 391 - Swedish Agency Assisting Georgia In Cleaning Up Legacy Waste

       Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union contaminated a lot of research and production sites in their development of nuclear weapons. While the U.S. sites are inside the U.S., many of the Soviet sites were in member states of the Soviet Union such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others.

Your not the one

I voted for you sir ! Just once, a Moran would give you a second chance . You spent more money than all the presidents combined in us history, oh p.s illegal aliens jumping borders getting free medical and such is wrong, do you know why.... it’s in there title... there illegal they don’t belong here when they come ( they meaning ps not just Mexicans any one from outside this country , including little green men from mars) go thru the process , then yes there we’ll come. To protect illegal , remember the word illegal aliens (that means they don’t belong here just Incase you didn’t know sir) to have sanctionary cities protect them is immoral illegal and just plain disgusting... I was never a republican or a democrat , hell I voted for Bill Clinton twice , but the NEW and improved Democratic Party is off the wall ,your going to find out the far left liberal Democratic Party is going soooo far to the left and absurd that even regular dems aren’t going to vote for them ......sorry I vote Republican now go Don Go!!!!!!!!!

totalitarian USA

It is time to impeach. It is time to flood this un-American president--who stole the election with the help of Russia--with subpoenas, and force his “Appointeds” to obey immediately. Have staff from your committees go to with House and Senate Security. Serve the subpoenas. Insist on immediate receipts of the documents. Follow the staffers to the documents’ storage areas. No excuses. Create and enjoy the uproars. Bring videographers. Tape everything. These are just a few of the tactics we must exercise immediately if we are to remain free. When an illegal “leader” orders a representative of law enforcement to break the law on his order, and not to fear--“I will give you an pardon”--we are almost too late! GET GOING NOW!!!! THIS MONDAY, 15 APRIL, 2019. We have a Nero in the WH. Get rid of him.

We live in men’s worlds. You men are responsible for 99% of the evil. Do your job. Clean up your messes.

Nuclear Reactors 670 - Finland Is Working On Streamlining Their Nuclear Licensing

        The siting and licensing of a nuclear power plant is a lengthy, complicated and expensive process. In the U.S. it can take up to ten years to make all the preparations necessary for the construction of a nuclear power plant. Each nation that utilizes nuclear power has its own licensing process although there has been work on standardizing the process across the globe.