April 2019

Radioactive Waste 388 - Holtec Checking Scratches On Spent Fuel Canister At San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant


Artist’s illustration of Holtec canister

       A couple of days ago, I blogged about the San Onofre nuclear power plant where transfer of spent nuclear fuel into dry canisters for underground storage has been halted because there have been multiple violations of NRC regulations.

Welcome, New Mayors!

Tuesday's election marked an enormous victory for LGBT candidates in Chicago, Kansas City and Madison, and the number of LGBT politicians only continues to grow as more people not only run, but support diverse candidates who offer our cities a wealth of new ideas and experiences. This is a very exciting time to live in and I hope we see this momentum continue until we see respresentation spread across the board. 

Smoothie Making

When I make smoothies, I almost never use a recipe. I toss ingredients in, taste, toss in more. I usually get stuck on something I like and just stick with that for a while--often it's a green like spinach with something creamy, like yogurt or coconut milk, and something sweet, like OJ or some fruit and honey. Bam, there's a smoothie, right?

Doctors Upset Over Patients Using Prescription Websites

Doctors are upset about patients utilizing online stores to purchase prescription drugs, saying that it's like drive-through menu ordering, sometimes when the patients don't even know if they truly need the drugs or not. This is a legitimate concern, as doctors should be involved in helping patients make informed health decisions.