April 2019

New Zealand Ban on Assault Rifles

After the terrible mass shooting in New Zeland that left 50 people dead, the country says enough is enough, passing a ban on military-style semiautomatic guns and assault rifles immediately following the atrocity. Citizens willingly came forward, handing in their guns, and Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has received international praise for standing up against violence so quickly and unflinchingly. 

Plate Jewelry

Have you ever thought of transforming antique ceramic dinnerware into something entirely new, wearable and artful? Artist Gesine Hackenberg did and the results are incredible! From necklaces to earrings and more, the Amsterdam-based artist creates all kinds of pieces from old plates.

Salt in Desserts

A friend of mine loves salted caramel so much that she's in denial about it being a seasonal item at Starbucks and brings her own salt! I say more power to her; I bring my own ingredients all of the time, too. But whose idea was it to start mixing sweet with salt in the first place? 

Best SNL 80s Videos

My favorite way to relax in this crazy world we live in is to laugh, and luckily SNL has been on fire in recent years. I remember taking a break from the show in college, feeling as if it had gone a bit stale, but I've been watching many bits on YouTube lately and find solace in the skits. 

Dining Underwater

The word amazing is overused so often that I loathe to use it, but in this case I think it's completely necessary. Have you ever heard of eating underwater? Under is a new European restaurant that allows you to go five meters under the sea and dine while you watch real marine life swim by! This Norwegian restaurant is a bucket list item for sure. 

Track the Eagles

My family loves citizen science projects. Our favorite is probably Penguin Watch, where we pick out penguins in various photos to help scientists count the populations and keep track of adult and baby penguins. It's fast, free and fun, and you're helping scientists in the process.

Presents for Stress Relief

We often find ourselves shopping for the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, but what about presents for stress relief? Who do you know, after all, who isn't suffering from some sort of stress, anxiety or even depression? Our current political climate is thought to be to blame by many people for so much widespread stress, but our modern lifestyles are also to blame. Our nutrition, sleep, exercise and basic needs often are neglected, and for what? A fast-paced age of tech where every notification seems so important?