October 2019

Stop Shaming Fat People

People are all over the Internet shaming people for being fat, using the "I'm concerned about your health" excuse to bully fat people. You're not concerned about anyone's health or else you'd be doing a bunch of other health activist stuff, like understanding how correlation does not equal causation, and the complicated links between genetics, modern food production, food deserts, poverty and weight, or focusing on something besides how people look because guess what? Lots of thin people are unhealthy, but that doesn't concern you.

Use Up Those Points!

The Internet seems to be home to an endless supply of indie businesses now, and while I love it, I'm also a bit overwhelmed. It's like the number of TV show choices we have today: there are simply too many to choose from, and each one has its own unique quirks, points system and other insider knowledge. Many even have their own Facebook groups, which are almost vital to join if you do want to know how to use a company's sales, promotions and other insider info. 

Favorite Cover Bands

We all love a good Grateful Dead tribute band, but some bands are so much better than others. Some bands have their own unique take on everything while others sound close enough to be uncanny (but still not Jerry!). It's wonderful that every area seems to have its own favorite tribute band or artist, and many bands have developed their own cult followings. 

Keto Cookie Ice Cream

If there's anything I've learned while living a keto lifestyle, it's that cutting out sugar and carbs is really easy as long as you prepare, prepare, prepare. For some of us, that means it's really the opposite of easy, but if you have your ingredients and some time, you can make just about anything keto.

Boozy Brews and Boos!

Halloween is here and it's time to get those spooky drink menus all organized and ready! Do you have your pumpkin syrups (these are my go-to sugarfree ones!), your apples, your black salt?  If your answer is no, better get a move on! Those are all fantastic ways to make your drinks more apple-peeling! Seriously, though, swirls of apples cut on the side of a drink look really cute, as to pieces of oranges this time of year.

Old-Fashioned Halloween Games

When it comes to anything old-fashioned, I'm often pretty wary. Unless it's an appliance that was built to last, I feel like we've outgrown a lot of outdated ideas and beliefs, don't you? That said, there are some really fun old-fashioned games that you can try this Halloween to go with your party theme that might be really fun for guests, especially if they've never played them before!

Halloween Goodies

It's fall, y'all, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet! It's the season of cooler weather (eventually...), pumpkin patches, hayrides and apple picking. In short, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Many people set fall bucket lists for this time of year and include fall treats to enjoy, so my question is this: what fall goodies do you hope to have this season?

A Cell Phone Doesn't Make Someone Rich

When I'm older, I hope and pray that I won't look at people younger than me and think they don't deserve something just because I didn't have it, or judge them on their culture. I know every generation does this but I really see it everywhere and hope I don't perpetuate it. I've heard lots of people bad-mouth anyone who has a cell phone but needs medicaid or food stamps. 

Animal Ghost Stories

The other day I saw a really bittersweet image someone made of a person using an Ouija board to contact dead spirits and the ghost of their dog next to them. Oh it hit me in the feels! I miss so many of my animal companions, but I wouldn't want them to watch out over me. I'd like them to be at peace instead. 

How Strong Is Your Freak Out?

The season of scaring is upon us, and like many people, I like to scare and be scared, but only mildly. If something really terrified me I think I'd have to take a break! Over the years I've learned to not do pranks during Halloween or April Fool's that might upset others. I was raised with an aunt who loved to do these things so it's special to me, but others have bad experiences and we should always respect that. 

Halloween Sips

It's Halloween season, which means pumpkin spice latte is everywhere! I do love a good PSL, but it's not my all-time favorite, and I do get sick of it after a while. If I buy PSL coffee grounds, they last months because I have to take breaks! Even so, this season is still all about fall flavors, and I've got apples on the mind today.

October Gardening

It's October, but where I live it's still in the 90s and my summer flower baskets remain in full bloom! I'm worried that this is going to become a commonplace thing with climate change upon us, and at the moment I could really do with some low 70s breezes and sweaters. How about you?

Cat Med Tips, Take 2

A few weeks ago I shared that our beloved middle-aged cat (and my kid's best friend) has heart disease and we have to give him six pills a day, forever. It started out so heartbreaking that we cried afterward. We're not letting the teen give him meds so they keep their loving relationship and he can just resent my husband and me instead, but it's been hard on us all the same.

Get The Translated Version!

Poetry is finally clicking for my teenager and I know some of it's simply because it's for a teacher they adore other than old mom! But the kid is also reading the "No Fear" books that have translations on the opposite pages rather than just pushing through the Old English with me and that has made SUCH a difference. I thought we should try reading it without the translation and then translate together later in the past, but having it right there has really helped.

October Reads

We recently invited everyone to take part in our October Read-A-Thon together, and my family and I are about a third of the way through Coraline already! If you're reading along, how are you liking it? What are you thinking about when it comes to the differences between the movie and the book? It's my kid and husband's first time so they are very surprised by the differences! Next week we'll be moving on to The Graveyard Book so be sure to chime in with your thoughts.

PSL in Seattle!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and all things Pumpkin Spice are everywhere, even if it's not quite feeling like fall just yet! In Seattle, there are plenty of places to get your PSL fix. This list has a great start, featuring favorites like Caffeinated, Lighthouse Roasters, Tougo and Ancient Grounds.